Green Card

Alien Registration Card, referred to as a „green card” (card was green many years ago), allows you to work and live permanently in the USA. The possessor of this immigrant visa has a „lawful permanent resident status”. After 5 years he may apply to become a USA citizen (or after three years of marriage to the same citizen who was the reason to obtain the green card in the first place).

How you can obtain a green card?

Most popular options are sponsoring by:
- family
- employer
or green card lottery

Immediate family
How close the family is may be an important factor when it comes to the possibility of obtaining a green card and also the time needed to get a green card. Immediate relatives are spouses, parents and children of U.S. citizens. However petition for a parent is possible only if the citizen is over the age of 21. Aliens who obtain Permanent Residence Status may sponsor their family as well, but waiting time is usually significantly longer.

INS believes that many application is not based on real marriages. As an alien spouse first you will be granted Conditional Permanent Resident status, which will expire after two years. After this time period you are obliged to contact INS to gain the regular Permanent Resident Status and to file I-751 form. You and your spouse may be asked to prove that marriage is real, for example by showing shared bank account, family photos or joint ownership of real estate. Always be careful, do not try visa fraud, it is a federal crime for both U.S. citizen and the spouse.

Employment-based Immigration
Most of the opportunities under this category is for the highly trained and talented people or people whose immigration will create employment for Americans.
Categories of priority workers:
- people with extraordinary ability
- outstanding professors and researchers
- multinational executives and managers
- people with advanced degrees
- people with special ability
- professionals
- skilled workers
- other workers
- religious workers
- investors
Categories may vary depending on waiting time and annual number of visas.

In our law firm we provide professional help obtaining a green card. Immigration process is never
easy and should never be done without lawyers help.